We bring a global vision to tailored consulting services that are customized do as to meet clients’ needs. We aim to support each client by strengthening their organization so that they can achieve greater financial and social returns.

From its headquarters in San Jose, Costa Rica, Omtrix keeps direct contact with clients and investors operating in Latin America and the Caribbean. Omtrix has a flexible and nimble structure, complemented with a wide network of specialized consultants allowing it to meet the different needs of its clients.

Omtrix offers consulting and management services involving highly qualified personnel that have tens of years of experience and local market knowledge. Said services include:

  • Strategic Planning and Governance support for Microfinance Intermediaries
  • Structuring of debt and equity funds
  • Advisory and management of sales, and acquisitions of microfinance intermediaries
  • Due diligence services for third parties
  • Representation in boards of microfinance institutions